How Much Money Are You Losing In A Day ?

Businesses lose a significant amount of money every day while printing bills, but don’t realise it because we did not have a great alternative even until today.

With Bilzo, now you can not only spend lesser money, but use that money better.

Benefits of Bilzo

  • Contactless Billing can be achieved.
  • Safer Consumer experience in such challenging times.
  • Now publish offers/ review actionable insights on consumers on Bilzo.
  • Costs 30% lesser than conventional paper bills.
  • Have the ability to give e-bills with paper bills. Just like the ability to accept payments through cash and card.
  • One day integration with any PoS.
  • Amazing user experience when you give bills on Bilzo. No ads, no promotions.

Digital Receipt Calculator

Now turn OpEx like printing receipts into CapEx with Bilzo

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have SMS/Email integration in my POS, do I still need Bilzo?

Yes you do. By sending bills by SMS/Email you have taken a great first step towards paperless receipts, but the idea fails here. The idea to do Smart Receipts to have a continuous engagement channel available at all times with your customers.
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